Write a 10,000 - 15,000 words story based on the writing prompt below to compete in the contest.

“The story begins with the protagonist in transit, their destination is a fictional urban city named Absole in Nigeria.

During the course of the story, the protagonist makes remarkable discoveries about themself, marks their thirtieth birthday, forms new connections and grows in every sense.

With this story, the protagonist will bring to life what it means to live life to the fullest.”

  1. This is not a free contest and submissions are subject to a ₦1000 entry fee.
  2. The Writing Prompt is what you must use to write your story.
  3. The story must be written in English, and the minimum & maximum word count for the story is 10,000 – 15,000 words.
  4. Only the story should be in the document, don’t include a cover page, information page, title of the story or your name, and chapters should be written as Chapter 1.
  5. Your story should be submitted in DOCX file format and your file name in this structure Story Title by Author Name.
  6. Kindly format the document body to the following Arial Font, 12 Font Size, Double Spacing, Indented Paragraph, Left Justified.
  7. Only 1 entry per person is permitted. 
  8. This contest is open only to Nigerians who are aged 18 and over.
  9. Read the Terms of Service.