I grab my phone from the bed to call Aunt Helen, William’s mom to report and just as she picked up, my phone was suddenly snatched from my hands by the devil himself.

“Don’t worry mum, everything is fine.” William rushes out and hangs up.

“How dare you?” I shout and jump on top of him, this time he was too slow to run so he let out a girly scream as I crashed on top of him. We both fall on the bed with me on top, I didn’t give him enough time to react as I hit him everywhere possible.

“You better fix my car by this evening or I’ll be calling your dad next.” I warn seriously as I continue hitting him. If he could damage my car’s paint job in a night, then he could fix it before tonight. I also knew he was scared of disappointing his Dad, so reporting him to his dad is my greatest Trump card.

“Okay…okay, fine.” He says in-between shouts of protest. 

Seeing that my beating didn’t slow down at all, he forcefully grabs my hands and flips us over so he was straddling me. Pinning my hands on the bed, our fast breaths were the only sound that we could hear as we stared at each other’s eyes.

My stomach got the strangest feeling of butterflies and my heartbeat increased. His eyes were hard to look away from… intoxicating should be the word. 

Due to my hatred, there were many times I just wanted to strangle him with a pillow and damn the consequences… and, I have always shoved any romantic feelings for William away, which is why I don’t understand why my body is reacting this way.

“Hey, babe why is…what the hell is going on here?” The sound of Femi’s voice jolts me from my trance and I instinctively push William off me. He lands on the floor with a thud.

“Jesus Christ Adele, what was that for?” William groans in pain as he manages to get up. 

I don’t bother apologizing as I push him out of my room and slam the door on him. That was just a little payback so there’s no need to be apologetic.

I turn and give a stunned Femi a hug.

“It’s nothing babe, he ruined my car and was fighting with me for my phone when I tried to call his mum.” I say casually as I inhale his scent. Damn! He smells good.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Femi is my boyfriend. He knows William is literally in every aspect of my life but they don’t get along well because… he is not a friend after all and Femi isn’t a fan of our ‘closeness’.

“You expect me to believe that?” he asks incredulously as he pulls me off him.

“Babe, you don’t trust me? It was 100% coincidental, I swear.” I pout and snuggle into his embrace again.

He grunts in response but still doesn’t hug me back. Knowing how insecure he could be, I quickly change the topic.

“Are you ready for this evening?” I smile widely as I think about it. Femi is following me home today. I want to introduce him to my parents at the get-together this evening. It’s actually a surprise so I am very excited about it.

“Yeah, about that…” He hesitates, his face clouding over with a blank expression.

“I know that face…Femi. No, I don’t want to listen to any excuse you have to say.” I warn sternly as I loosen my hold to stare at his face. He is not going to cancel on me.

“How sure are you that they will like me? Do you still think your parents would even look at me twice when they are all about William, William, William?” He diverts and gestures with his hands and an eye roll. 

“But that’s the more reason we should see them, they will understand how serious I am when they see you and even William’s parents will be there to see that too.” I plead as I make baby doll eyes, he won’t be able to resist.

“Some plans came up that’s why I’m not sure if I can come, I will try and see if I can reschedule… I will update you later but don’t keep your hopes up.” He says with a small smile, gives me a kiss and goes into the restroom.

I don’t push any further because I know that I’ll be pushing my luck if I were to insist. Femi is very sensitive to topics concerning William. No matter how much I hated him and tried to avoid him, he still somehow seeped into my relationship and shook it from its root.

I mean my parents have already mentally married me off to William and he is always close by like an ant is to sugar. Even our neighbours and friends ship us together. 

Any guy would feel insecure about it and it is an extra effort to keep the relationship. I rubbed my glabella as I could feel a headache coming on, somehow even when William wasn’t here, he still managed to reduce me to such a state.

Damn him!

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