Day 366.

From a distant tunnel comes a low beeping. A blinding light makes it impossible for me to open my eyes. And every part of my body seems to be on fire.

Fire… Divine…

My eyes pop open. I’m trying to get up, but something powerful pushes me back.

Shhh…” Mercy has a firm hand on my shoulder. She is in a nurse’s garb.

“Tell me today’s date,” I insist. My voice is hoarse.

She shows me a phone screen. I stare, speechless. My heart is about to explode.

“Congratulations,” she smiles.


She shakes her head, solemnly. Brightening, she says, “You’ll be fine, David.”

Mercy exits, Sali, entering right after her.

My boo sits on the bed, caressing my face. Sensing my mood, she doesn’t say anything. I shut my eyes, breathing. But it doesn’t calm me.  Stripping off my dignity, I surrender to the avalanche of emotions suffocating me.

And the floodgates of tears burst open.


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